My Web Projects

Hi All

In-between my full-time work at Sequence, tiny amount of freelance work (always good to keep my hands dirty in code as I often don’t get the chance in Work) and the day to day upkeep of the house/family I’m also working or at least trying to work on a few web and research projects.

Here’s a quick list of my ideas/plans – some may never make it to the cutting table, while others are still on-going!!

Research & groups

  • Research into autism/aspergers & social media
  • Set up a Cardiff Web Accessibility group
  • Set up a Cardiff/South Wales/West based Umbraco user group

Web coding projects

  • BBVA payment gateway for both WooCommerce & OSCommerce (Currently WooCommerce working live)
  • VAT exemption module for OSCommerce (complete but needs documentation & packing up!)
  • DVD/BlueRay/CD catalogue WP plugin
  • Playing with Arduino and web integration