Yay! just passed my Google Analytics exam

Well a quick blog entry to boast about my pass for the Google Analytics exam (GAIQ) I finally got round to resitting today.

Had to reset the exam, as my last accreditation had expired (they last for 18 months) – so finally got to sit down today and take the challenge again!

Mist admit I found it harder than last time as it seemed to give me every ecommerce tracking and Adwords questions known to man – and unfortunately I don’t get chance to play around with these enough with my current job/clients.

So after around 40 mins of sweating it out with the exam I’m pleased to say I’m re-accredited for 18 months with a 91% pass rate 🙂  (Bit down from my 92% last time but I’m still pleased).

And here’s the proof via the Google StartTest profile page!