About Me


This is a site about me (Craig Cartwright) and my interests – I hope to provide useful information and insights into my interests, my thoughts (scary) and my hobbies.

By day I’m the Head of Technical Solutions working for an amazing agency called Sequence – but by night I’m a tranny called Doris….. lol only joking I’m not really! (that’s the tranny bit! I am actually called Doris………..only joking!)

By night, if I get any free time between DIY, walking the dogs, more work, then I like to indulge in my other interests below (all clean I promise!).

While reading my blog, opinions and ideas please do not get offended if you sometimes find them a bit blunt, very much black or white (no in-between) and/or rude – it’s not intentional but just one of the bug-bears with my Aspergers (Yes I’m a proud Aspergian!).

Here’s a list of some of my more “specific” and “particular” interests:

Web interests

  • Accessibility (especially cognitive disabilities)
  • Web analytics and audience/participation measurement
  • Open source CMS: I love WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce as well as dable with many others including OSCommerce & MODx
  • eCommerce and online payment transactions (including things such as web law, UX, analytics)
  • Web integration (with internal systems)
  • Web standards & processes

Other interests

  • Massive petrol head – Superior Rides, FFOC, 350Z club
  • SharPei dogs (I’ve got two gorgeous SharPeis!)
  • Films (Yes a movie boffin!)
  • Musicals (Don’t judge me! hehe)

I hope to add a lot more content here soon….but in the mean have a look at my useful links and my most basic posts – I will get better honestly 🙂