WordPress IS a CMS and WordPress SHOULD be taken seriously

For a while now (in fact quite a while) I’ve found that time after time within the web industry I’ve had to backup and support WordPress as a serious CMS contender.

It’s amazing to find so many so-called experts who believe that it’s not capable of do this, that or the other.  Or “it’s just a blog tool”, etc, etc.

Please people open your eyes!  WordPress is probably now the most popular CMS ever created to date (think it’s now betting Joomla?), its powering millons of sites and in particular only 6-8% are using it as a blogging tool.  Yep that’s right, the other 92% use it as a full-blown CMS – whether it’s for ecommerce, intranet, community, DMS or other!!

Anyway, enough of my moaning and groaning.  The clever people at Moove have provided a great infographic to say it all.  Launched in July, I can’t believe I’ve only seen this now!

WordPress in Numbers Infographic 2013