WordPress Home Page trick

When creating WordPress sites for clients, they often require a home page that needs updating but mainly feed from other pages e.g. news, carousels, etc.

Using a full “page” is often OTT as they’ll never create large amounts of content – sometimes it’s just a welcome message.

A great way to set this up then, is to use an over-ride for the default home page (you don’t even need to set to static page or alike).  To do this, simply create a front-page.php page in your template folder and viola – you can now set up your page as you want using your favourite text editor.

Using front-page.php I then add the carousels shortcode, custom code to bring in posts, etc.  As well as create some home-page specific widget areas for the homepage – allowing the editor to still have freedom to add/remove and customise content to produce a regular updated home page.

You could also use home.php but WordPress tends to think this is a variant of index.php and really used for display blogs.  WordPress will look for home before index.