Cookie monster is out to get you….

With the arrival of the cookie law coming up tomorrow, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but the last few days have been busy times for companies/organisations as they implement and launch their “fixes”.

However what’s more interesting is the different solutions and “interpretations” of the directive – it seems that the ICO haven’t done the best (as we all know) on explaining in simple terms what is actually needed without any fluff….

Here’s Craig’s top list of “WTF should we do” attempts by organisations:

  1. The Telegraph – A nice clear link at the top, automatic consent and “toned” towards – its your issue not ours….
  2. Wales Online – we’ll give you 10 seconds to make your choice, if you don’t make one we’ll do it for you and assume you were okay 😉
  3. The Sun – we’ll do everything by the book, but make it slightly hard for you to see, hoping we get away with it 😀
  4. HSBC – nice cookie policy but no consent option (similar to what we’ve been recommending for GA)
  5. NatWest – banner “inline” with content again similar but more prominent than our Sustrans
  6. About Cookies – Very safe approach – definite Yes/No request – however interesting that it sets a “No” cookie if no chosen…..
  7. British Gas – similar to many above, auto consent but a really nice approach to cookies landing page – more info than most (but possibly too much?!?)
  8. BT – Probably my most favourite and the first documented approach using the ICC attempt.  Still not perfect but their “choice” tool works similar to the old IE approach for security – if this tool could be tweaked slightly I reckon this could be virtually perfect.
  9. LittleWoods – I love this explanation attempt at cookies – a nice little video! lol
  10. ScrewFix – simple corner piece (bottom-right) which links to their cookie policy – like most no consent option and assuming you’re okay with it.
  11. NVida – Looks like another one based on the “Wolf PECR” approach (which seems to be the most used approach) – styled better than original but the “no” option is removed – thus it’ll stay in place until you say Yes.
  12. FastHosts – One of my favourite – nice styled box which float and then when chosen jumps to bottom.  Clearly asking Yes or No with a link for more info and allow people to change their mind and update when/if.

Umm… can’t find any more exciting ones yet, but watch this space 😀